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Creation of an integrated documentation and promotion unit for Greek music. (2000 – 2006)

As part of this programme, the archives of composers Mikis Theodorakis, Emilios Riadis, Georgios Poniridis, Frank Choisy, the archive of Nileas Kamarados – Nikolaos Vlachopoulos, part of the Library’s Manuscript and Greek Song Collection, as well the Domna Samiou archive that belongs to the “Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association”, were digitised and made available online.

In the second phase, the archive of Dimitrios Lialios, collections of concert programmes and cultural events, Greek music magazines, Byzantine music books and vinyl records were also added. At the same time, concert programmes of the Mikis Theodorakis archive were digitised and added to it, while the processing of the collection of Greek songs was completed.

This important unit of thematic documentation of Greek music, now includes more than 330.000 digitised documents, with a particular cultural value: they are a source of research for any interested researcher while at the same time they can be used for an combined production of cultural products and services always within the framework of intellectual property law. The information on the portal is provided in Greek and English, while at the same time it is accessible for persons with disabilities.

DIGMA, was the first digital repository of the “Lilian Voudouri” Music Library, which was then further enriched with material and is now accessible through the new platform “Digital Collections”.