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The educational programme Art Campus was launched by the Friends of Music Society in July 2012 and aims to offer young musicians a whole week to study under the guidance of leading teachers, to develop their skills, collaborate with each other in rehearsals and concerts and create fruitful relationships for their life and art.

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of the George P. Livanos Family, the talented musicians, selected after auditions, have the opportunity to live a unique experience, hosted each time in a specially selected area near nature and in state-of-the-art facilities with the best conditions to accommodate all of their activities. 

Until now, more than 300 young Greek musicians (strings, wind instruments, pianists, guitarists and lyrical singers) have participated in this experience during the programme’s annual summer meetings. They have attended masterclasses for solo instruments and vocals, have created musical ensembles, collaborated with renowned soloists, performed works as soloists with an orchestra and presented the results of their experiences in concerts open to the public, as well in the Athens Concert Hall.

Each summer programme of Art Campus differs from previous ones and is chosen in such a way so that it can offer this unique experience to various specialities (strings, wind instruments, piano, lyrical singing etc).

Artistic Supervision: Efi Averof – Michailidou, member of the Board of Directors

Direction and Production Management: Olga Kalogriadou, musician

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