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From its inception until today the Friends of Music Society bases its activities and operates thanks to private sponsorships.

The first major Benefactors were its founding members such as Lambros Eftaxias, President of the Dekozi – Vourou Foundation and Alexandra Trianti.

This tradition continues generously through great sponsors of the Music Library. The Educational and Research Programmes, the Camerata Orchestra, the Scholarships, the events at the Small Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus and numerous other activities of the Society would not have been possible without their support.

Among all the Sponsors and Benefactors, whose names we cite with great gratitude, a prominent place is occupied by artists who dedicated creative pieces, as well as valuable time to strengthen the work of the Friends of Music. First being, the great Dimitri Mitropoulos, to whom the Friends of Music dedicated the eponymous hall of the Athens Concert Hall.

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Alexandra Trianti Endowment

She made available to the Society her estate, which was acquired by it after the passing of her husband Michalis Kyriakidis. Based on her wishes, an independent organisation was established in 1993 under the name “Alexandra Triantis Endowment”, which is run by the Friends of Music Society, and has two main objectives:
1. to provide scholarships to highly gifted young Greek men and women for musical studies abroad (Alexandra Triantis Scholarships)
2. to finance the operation of the Great Music Library of the Friends of Music Society

Teresa Euclidis Endowment
Founding member of the Friends of Music Society since 1953, Teresa Spyridonos Euclidis bequeathed her estate to the Society, which included apartments at Omirou 8 and Lykavittou 5 as well as plots in the area of Kifissia. These properties were donated by the Society to the Athens Concert Hall Organisation, on the basis of the founding law of OMMA (1981).

Alexandros Mitsotakis Endowment
A regular member of the Friends of Music since 1954, Alexandros Mitsotakis bequeathed his estate to the Society in 1960, which included properties in Marousi, Spetses and a villa in Capri, Italy. These properties were then donated by the Society to the Athens Concert Hall Organisation, on the basis of the founding law of OMMA (1981).

Maria Kousta Endowment
A founding member of the Friends of Music, Maria Kousta left a significant amount to the Society in 2000 in her will.