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Action within the borders “Draseis entos edras” 2008 - 2010 Sponsored by: The MARFIN Foundation

Thanks to the MARFIN Foundation, which since 2009 is the exclusive sponsor of the Educational Programme “Draseis entos edras / Action Within Boarders” of the Friends of Music Society, it has been possible to realise Christos Lambrakis’ vision of “Equal Opportunities for All in Culture”, which aims to provide equal opportunities for Greek schools students.

The programme “Draseis entos edras / Action Within Boarders” has been taking place since 2008 in schools in the wider region of Attica, gradually including areas located a short distance from Athens, with emphasis on underprivileged schools.

The main tool of the Society for the realisation of this programme is the Camerata – The Friends of Music Orchestra which under the slogan “Camerata goes to school” visits primary and secondary schools, performs on-site concerts and educational activities specially designed for every age, in a wider effort to bring as many young people as possible in contact with classical music.

Valuable collaborators in this project, apart from the Orchestra itself, are the music educators: Leda Masoura, Leda Zournatzi and Alexandra Stratigopoulou as well as Mrs. Efi Averof – Michaelidou/Michailidou, who has the overall supervision of the programme on behalf of the Friends of Music’s Board of Directors.

The programme is coordinated by conductor Nikos Tsouchlos, Artistic Director of the Athens Concert Hall and Paris Christodoulopoulou who is responsible for the organisation and execution of the programme.

When hosting students at the Athens Concert Hall, the Director of the Music Library “Lilian Voudouri” Mrs Stephanie Merakos as well as the administration of the Athens Concert Hall Organisation participate as well.

Around 700 primary school students and 7.500 secondary students participate in the educational school programme “Draseis entos edras / Action Within Boarders” every year, to whom the Friends of Music Society and the Orchestra distribute specialised printed material and CDs that they produce specifically for this action.

The children’s enthusiastic response to Camerata’s musical call, the interest they show in classical music, the questions they ask, as well as the thank you letters from parents and teachers arriving at our offices, encourages the Society to continue its educational work in the coming years.