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“Draseis ektos edras / Action Outside Borders”2008 - 2010 Sponsored by: Victor Restis

The programme “Draseis ektos edras / Action Outside Borders” is part of the large educational campaign of the Friends of Music Society that was inspired and launched in 2008 by the President of the Board of Directors Christos Lambrakis. The main axis that permeates the perception of the Society is the concern for social justice which requires equal opportunities for all in life and art. This programme aims to reach young people, wherever they are in Greece, to offer them opportunities for direct contact with music and musicians, to distinguish the most talented among them and offer them the support they need for their development.

The programme is carried out with the valuable sponsorship of Victor Restis, with the participation of the musicologist Efi Averof-Michaιlidou/ Michailidou and the Trio Opus I which consists of the musicians: Dimitris Semsis (violin), Asterios Pouftis (violin), Giannis Tsanakaliotis (piano). The programme is organised by the musician-educator Ms. Olga Kalogriadou. The general coordinator is conductor Nikos Tsouchlos, Artistic Director of the Athens Concert Hall.

The “Draseis ektos edras / Action Outside Borders” programme is implemented in different cities each year, with the prospect of gradually covering the needs of the entire Greek territory. It is carried out with the cooperation and support of the municipal authorities and local bodies (conservatories, schools, etc) and includes three phases, which are as follows:

  1. During the first phase of the programme, which takes place between October and December, the participants visit selected cities, where the following activities take place.
    • Open course – workshop suitable for attending by a wider – not necessarily initiated into music – audiences. In the open lesson Mrs Averof “unfolds” in an understandable, pleasant and instructive way the ‘“miracle” of music while at the same time the musicians of Trio Opus I participate with “live” musical examples. The aim of the course is to attract as many children aged between 8 and 15 years old as possible and is aimed at students of conservatories and music school students. The purpose of this activity is to contribute to the wider knowledge and understanding of music by giving the listeners strong stimuli and valuable information that will broaden their knowledge.
    • Open audition for students attending all the city’s conservatories (public and private) and who study an orchestra instrument (string, wind instruments, percussion) or piano. The level of children should be at least the 2nd year of Middle School. The selection of works will be theirs and if they need piano accompaniment they will also have to bring their pianist. All conservatory teachers are invited to attend the auditions as their assistance and contribution is valuable. Upon completion of the auditions, the musicians of Trio Opus I provide study directions to the selected children in order to prepare for the second phase of the programme. The appropriate repertoire is proposed in cooperation with the teachers of the selected students.
    • A concert of Trio Opus I, open to the public and with free admission, completes the first phase of the programme in the selected cities of the region.
  1. The second phase of the programme, which takes place between February and March, includes a visit by violinist Dimitris Semsis, who listens and teaches, in a two-day music seminar, the talented students (and music ensembles) selected from the first visit and depending on their progress and performance, determines which of them will participate in a special concert at the Athens Concert Hall.
  2. The third phase is completed in Athens with the participation of the selected students in a designated concert and the award of special scholarships to them, with the valuable support of the George P. Livanos family.

On the occasion of this event, the selected students, as well as small groups of students from each city, are hosted by the Society for two days in Athens, where they have the opportunity to visit the Athens Concert Hall, tour its premises, get to know the possibilities offered by the Great Music Library of the Friends of Music Society and attend interesting concerts.

During 2010 – 11 the “Draseis ektos edras / Action Outside Borders”programme continued for the third year in the cities: Kavala, Corfu, Rhodes.